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Mashiach: Relationship with Edom/Esau

The midrashim speak of Edom/Esau as the current Western (previously Christian) empires. Some nations may end, others survive. Midrashically, when Esau ascends, Jacob descends and vice-versa. Exactly what will be the attributes our relationship with Edom/Esau once Mashiach comes? How do we relate to them?
The Maharal (Netzach Yisrael ch.60), explaining the prophecy of Balaam, writes that Edom will cease to be an independent nation and instead will be subject to Israel (Similarly, Rambam in Sefer Ha Mitzvot and Moreh Nevuchim is careful to distinguish between Edom and Amalek; as opposed to Amalek, Edom needn't be totally destroyed). Our relationship today with Gentiles is based on their observance/non-observance of Noachide laws, their support of Israel, and their adherence to fundamental moral behavior.
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