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The lineage of Mary and Jesus in the Talmud


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Hello, respected rabbi I have a question and I want a quick answer to it. Im jew and I entered into a dialogue with a Christian, and this Christian told me that Mary (the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus) is mentioned in the Talmud . And this Christian told me that the Talmud says that Mary (the mother of Jesus) is the daughter of Heli / Eli / Helliel as it was mentioned in the Talmud ... Is this true ?! I searched the Internet for an answer to the previous question, and I found some Christian books and websites that say the following: [ This was mentioned in the Jerusalem Talmud, Book of Hagigah 77,4 : “He saw Mary the daughter of Heli amongst the shades. R. Lazar Ben Josah saith, that she hung by the glandules of her breasts. R. Josah Bar Haninah saith, that the great bar of hell’s gate hung at her ear.” ] Is mary ( the mother of Jesus ) was the daughter of heli ?! ------------------------ And there is another christian websites which say : [ Mary "the Virgin", the only child and daughter of Heli (Palestinian “Talmud”, Haggigah, Book 77, # 4) . Possibly identified with Alexander "Helios", son of the Maccabee Queen Alexandra II by the first of her three husbands, who was a Davidic Dynasty prince, and his Levite wife, Anne, was born around 20/17BC. ] Is this true ?! --------------- And I found another christian study which says the following : [ sanhedrin 43a says that mary is the daughter of heli , and Jesus was a descendant of King Davids ] Is this true ?! ----------------- And I found a christian book that says the following : [ the Talmud says that mary was the daughter of heli , and heli was a descendant of Risa, son of Zerubbabel, son of Shtalel ] Is this true ?! --------------- Thanks
No, your sources are way off and totally fabricated (there is no source Hagiga 77, 4, and there is a no mention of anyone by that name on Sanhedrin page 43a!). All you have to do is look at the translated Talmud and you will see for yourself. I strongly suggest not taking that person seriously at all, so that he won't sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!
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