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Ahavas Yisroel Question, Sources that one’s allowed to enjoy


Rabbi David Sperling

Tevet 16, 5775
Hello, thank you very much for answering my many questions.I have 2 follow up questions. One , could you please answer my question about strengthening/anti zionist jews?Also , could you please direct me to the sources which hold one is allowed to enjoy life even if it’s not for god’s sake and it’s not considered betraying God.And logically what is a reason to be lenient and not consider enjoying life like a wife unifying with a man that’s not her husband?
Shalom, I am glad my previous answers helped you somewhat. In relation to helping Jews who themselves have different, and even negative beliefs about the Zionism etc – I can refer you to many stories about our teacher and Rabbi, Rav Kook zt"l. In many cases he went out of his way to help Jews who were of very opposite beliefs about Zionism, and often did so anonymously in order that the person would accept the charity, because if they new it came from Rav Kook zt"l they would not have touched it! In one case he was given a house by a rich admirer. He felt he should not benefit from such a grand gift, and tried to give the house to his (impoverished) student, Rav Harlap zt"l. He too was too modest to accept it. So they together arranged for it to be given to a very poor Rabbi who was a major figure in the Neturah Kartah movement, who belittled both Rav Kook and Rav Harlap constantly (even spiting on them and cursing them in public!). They never let on that it was them who had given him his house, so as not to cause him embarrassment. You should try to walk in the same path, and bestow good to all people (except those who are indeed wicked, the "rashaim" who have left Hashem's Torah and the Jewish people, and fight against us), even if they have different views about the ways of Hashem's redemption. The subject of enjoying the world and integrating that with the service of G-d, is a big topic. Let me direct you to, for example, the Malbim's comments in his commentary to the Shulchan Aruch (Arzot HaHaim, Siman 1, HaMeir La'Aretz, 5). On the words of the Rema in the beginning of the Shulchan Aruch that "placing G-d before one constantly, is a major principle in the Torah and the way of the righteous who walk before the Lord", he has a very insightful comment. He writes that the concept of placing Hashem before one constantly is only for the righteous, because not everybody is able to attain this level of cleavage with G-d constantly. (He sites sources from the Rambam, and the Talmud to support his words). All the source you have seen that talk about directing every thought and action only towards serving G-d are all true – however this level of service is an ideal and not an obligation. It is a goal and not a readily attainable option for everyone at all times. Hashem does not obligate us beyond what is a realistic reality for us at our particular level. With this in mind, we can understand that it is permitted to partake of (permitted) pleasures in this world – whilst constantly growing in our love of G-d and our attachment to Him. Blessings.
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