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pain in childbirth


Rabbi Ari Shvat

At what point in the messianic era will: -women not experience pain, nausea, or bad feelings during pregnancy and childbirth? -is it possible for a women to experience that reality now, if so how? -do really righteous orthodox women not experience those pains because of how righteous they are? thank you and Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim
The messianic era includes many different stages, and it's hard to know when each stage will come. I'm not a doctor, but have no doubt that just as fields are plowed today with air-conditioned tractors and less "sweat of the brow" (see Breishit 3, 19), similarly already, modern medicine has considerably lessened (through various types of anesthesia, epidurals, laughing gas, holistic treatments etc.) many of the pains of birth (ibid , 16) and also of pregnancy. Like all of the redemption, it's a slow and natural process. The process is natural for all of the Jewish people and all of mankind as one, and accordingly, just as since the punishment of Adam and Eve- all suffer alike, regardless of their spiritual level, similarly the righteous and less-so also advance together, as God gradually reveals His secrets through modern science, in the redemptive process.
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