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Yein Nesech

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky24 Tammuz 5765
Is one allowed to drink wine at a wine tasting event if the wine is from a reliable Hashgacha and NOT Mevushal, but the person who pours the wine is Jewish , but not Dati (at least doesn’t appear to be so)? If it isn’t permissible, would it make it better if the non Dati opens the bottle, but I would pour for myself?
1. According to many (maybe most) modern authorities, the position of the Chazon Ish that Jews today who do not observe Shabbat are not in the category of idolators, is correct. Accordingly, if wine is poured by a Jew, it is kosher. Many are strict in this regard and one would have to balance the importance of the event and the implications of strictness (would it cause embarassment, would it take you away from a context which is important, etc.). I would certainly recommend not being overly strict when inviting non observant guests to your home. 2. According to many authorities only the wine which the non Jew pours out of the bottle is forbidden, and not what is left in, so if you pour for yourself there is no problem according to that position. 3. I would consult a local Rabbi as well, to discuss the context of these issues.
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