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Yom Kippur -fast-fever

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky9 Tishrei 5768
Does fever and bronchitis allow me to drink tea on yom kippur? I have pain breathing which is released when drinking tea. I dont think it is endangering my life not to drink but I think it means i will have to take antibiotika later. Is it preferrable to drink only little portions of tea? and what about my medicine? its also sirup!
You may take medicine for breathing difficulties without qualification. If it is pleasant tasting if you can put in something to make it taste unpleasant. If you must take water or liquid to take the medicine, do so in a small amount. If the problem with drinking beyond that is discomfort, try to refrain. However, you should not let a bronchial infection worsen, and if it will you should drink small amounts (shiurim - a quarter cup) every eight minutes.
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