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קטגוריה משנית
thank you what about the kabbalistic meaning of it?
ב"ה Shalom What I meant by the " spiritual realm" doesn't refer necessarily to Kabbalistic meaning but also to the supernatural. The Rabbis (Talmud Avoda zara 12b ) mention the influence "shedim" also know as "angels of destruction" (see Pesachim 112b) which we must be aware of. In the Geonic literature (Teshuvot Hageonim 14) it says that even if we don't the reason why we are told not to drink water "Bsha'a't Hatekufa", we should be cautious in regard to it since this custom did not spread in vain. The responsum then goes on to say that during the seasonal change there is an exchange of angels and a person can be possibly hurt by it. All the best
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