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Scripture Transliterations


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

7 Tishrei 5765
The current bible translations are so confusing. I do not know what is the best bible to go by and or transliteration that is unbiased, that I can truely trust. The NASB Bible that I have is an updated NASB Bible,.. Is that Ok? I also have the NIV... Are they good enough? Are they unbiased enough? Are they translated from ORIGINAL Scripture? Both claim to be the best... But I have opportunity to get one Special made for Jewish people, it is called the Hebraic Roots Version, And is translated only from ALL the ORIGINAL Scripture Texts, with the Hebrew / Aramaic names still original, and the books are placed back in the correct order. But It cost’s a fortune to buy... Is it worth it? Or are the ones I have good enough?
The Bible, or the Tanach as we Jews call it, has many translations, most of them are made by Christians and are not faithful to the Hebrew text and its real meaning, the NASB and the NIV both are in the above category. You can get a Jewish orthodox translation from a Jewish book shop, the most common and modern is the ArtScroll Tanach – but others are available as well.
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