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Conversion of Jews by Moslems & Christians


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 4, 5781
What if it's a tenet of their religion to make Converts or make disciples from All Nations with the force of a mitzvah. Then wouldn't it be forcing your religion on them to ask them not to make Converts?
To allow Moslems and Christians to revert to Jihad & the Crusades, to forcibly convert each other (and us!), contradicts democracy, freedom, common decency & tolerance. It's also not very smart or good for world peace! If a religion is so immoral and intolerant, that's their problem, but why should we, the normal & moral people, who are innocently "minding our own business", condone or suffer it? One of the rules of logic is: whoever veers from normal morality and activity, is the one who should "pay the price" and be forced to fit in, not the one who is acting properly. In order to protect, you put criminals in jail, not the peaceful law-abiding citizens. Judaism doesn't want to convert others, and it's most logical to expect this common courtesy and respect, in return. Especially when we truly believe our religion is the correct (and historically accepted by both Christians & Moslems to be the original) one, to be intellectually honest, we are the last ones who should be allowed or allow ourselves to be converted. To the contrary, Israel was assigned a universal role to be a "Light for the Nations" (Isaiah 42, 6; 49, 6; 60, 3), and just as we peacefully brought (without coercion!) monotheism and morality (the Ten Commandments) to the primitive world 3,333 years ago, it would be irresponsible for us to neglect or abandon our job, while we still have much more to do for the sake of mankind!
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