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Rabbi David Sperling

Kislev 17, 5782
I dont have a synagogue near by so will I ever be able to fully convert? And can I follow the mitsvots even though I cant fully convert like if I was fully converted? Shalom
Shalom, Thank you for your questions. As to converting – you are correct that having a strong connection to a Jewish community and Rabbi is a prerequisite for converting. I suggest that even though you don’t have a community nearby, you try to find the closest one you can, and make contact with the Rabbi. The mitzvot are G-ds desire for the Jewish people. Keeping them as a non-Jew does not have the same effect, and in some cases is wrong. So, as a non-Jew you can certainly keep the Noachide laws. Also, there are many Jewish practices that you can take on – such as charity, honoring the elderly, the commandments between man and man. May you be blessed with every success.
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