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Glass Plates on Pesach?


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar 20, 5772
Hi. My question is about kashering glass plates for Pesach. I would like to request the Sephardic ruling on my question. As far as I understand, the Sephardic opinion is that glass does not need to be kashered, but simply rinsed between milk and meat. Therefore, glass plates can be used for both all year round and Pesach. Am I correct on this? Also, someone told me that you have to wait 24 hours in between using the plates for milk and meat. Is this true? Please clarify. So the issue is that my mother bought class plates last year for Pesach to make it a more kosher Pesach for me, but the plates were potentially used with food that was not strictly kosher or kosher for pesach. Also, the plates may have been used in nonkosher sinks or dishwashers. My question is, (1) can I still use these plates for Pesach, or (2) are they totally nonkosher, or (3) do they need to kashered again. If they need to be kashered, how do I got about doing this? Also, what should I do first - kasher them, or take them to the mikvah? Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it. Chag sameach!!
Shalom, Firstly let me wish you a happy and holy Pesach - and to your good mother, who, from the sound of your letter is a wonderful person for going out of her way to help you in your religious growth. Please send her my blessings. In regard to your question - as you asked for a Sephardic ruling I will quote you the ruling of Rav Ovadyah Yosef shlitah (the law for Ashkenazim is certainly different). Glass is non-absorbent, and as such all glass, Pyrex, Duralex etc, may be used for Pesach after a good wash. This is also true from milk to meat (and vice versa) and for dishes that are non-kosher. If they have been washed well, they are all considered kosher. I have never heard of a 24 hour waiting period for glass. Usually the 24 hours waiting before koshering items is to nullify the taste absorbed in the vessel - but the logic with glass is that it does not absorb at all. If the dishes have never been taken to the mikvah they should be immersed there before use. But if they were immersed once, they do not need to be dipped again. Blessings for a happy and kosher Pesach,
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