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Using Meat Pot to fill Water Heater


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Sivan 19, 5781
Hello, We filled the water heater by first pouring the water from the tap into a meat pot and then pouring that water into the water heater. The pot was last used for meat a little over 24 hours ago. Does this make the water "meaty" in any way? Can it be used to make coffee with milk? Thank you
ב"ה Shalom, I will reflect what I understood and answer accordingly. My understanding is that the water from the tap which you poured into the meat pot was cold. Therefore, when you later poured the water from the meat pot into the hot water kettle, the water from the meat pot was not meaty since the water was cold, as long as the meat pot was clean of meat. Therefore there is no problem with your hot water kettle. Since you specified that the meat pot hadn't been used for 24 hours prior to pouring the water from the tap into it, even if the water had been hot, the water from the meaty pot would not become meaty, therefore neither would the hot water kettle. So, in short, your hot water kettle remains Parev. All the best
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