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Koshering a pan


Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 6, 5781
I have a similar problem to the one you answered about using butter in a meat pan. I did the same thing but it was to a cast iron skillet. Does the same answer about kashering apply to such a pot?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Koshering a frying pan is slightly different than koshering a pot. If the frying pan was used for meat, and then you used it with butter, then it needs to be koshered. If between the last meat before the butter was cooked in it, there was at least 24 hours (in a case where you do not know, then we assume that 24 hours indeed passed), then the koshering process is one called “libun kal”. That is, you need to heat the frying pan up on the stove until it gets hot enough that if you put a piece of tissue on the inside of the pan it would turn brown. If there was less than 24 hours between the meat and milk use, you will need to do a different form of koshering, called libun chamor – which involves heating up the pan until it sparks and gets red hot. My guess is that most pans today would not be able to stand such a level of heat. Blessings.
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