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reacting to a Jew who spit on an Arab

Shalom Rav, I was in the bathroom of central bus station Jerusalem on the third floor today at evening around Arab man [may be 45 - 55 years old] was cleaning there. when I was about to exit two girls [young age] were trying to enter through the gate with a shekel. [each person should pay a shekel]..the Arab guy told the girls it's not allowed and one of the girls started speaking strongly and Arab guy got more irritated and denied more strongly. he allowed one girl to enter and literally stood in front of the women's bathroom door denying the other girl..the girl who was denied entry started cursing, shouting and even moving towards this Arab guy...[i am very sad to hear some words she spoke I don't want to mention here..] she even started spitting on this Arab guy... I wanted to call someone but was afraid to leave the situation as I thought something might happen. with God's help, a soldier came and told her to leave... I made aliyah in 2016 and this is a situation I faced question is 1] what is the proper way to react? 2] what I am supposed to say in this kind of situations either to the Arab guy or to this young girl..or should I be silent ..? 3] what's happening to our people ? what am I supposed to think about this situation? what is the lesson I should be taking out from this situation? something is bothering me I don't know the reason and something is making me sad I don't know why... Guide me through this Rav.
I was very sorry to hear of your very frustrating experience, and can just admire the time and effort which you invested, and your good intentions and patience. May I suggest several points which experience has taught me, which may help you: 1. Remember: Judaism is perfect, Jews aren’t (and neither is anybody for that matter- especially young people who tend to be extremist and lacking in common sense and good manners). 2. One of the 613 mitzvot is to rebuke someone who isn't acting properly. What I would suggest to have done is to quickly take the girl over to the side (so as not to embarrass her) and gently give her some proper direction (e.g. not to pay the entrance fee is a type of stealing, and that her behavior is a “chilul Hashem”- profaning God’s Name before others, especially the gentiles, before whom Jews are supposed to serve as role models- especially towards Muslems and their violent culture, etc.), before the situation got out of hand. 3. Over the last century, since Jews, and the world as a whole, have become less insulated and less religious and more influenced by western and external society and values- rather than Torah values, unfortunately, many, especially young people, act less “Jewish”. The solution is to strengthen our Torah values and limit negative external influences as much as possible for that’s the problem (not the solution)! Chag Same’ach!
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