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companies with names of ancient idols & boycott of homo


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyyar 23, 5777
shalom, i want to know if there is a tanach eye on trademarks and companies in israel or in the jewish halacha community, for example "n-ke" is a world wide known clothing and sneaker company, problem it’s name is a greek idol figure, so according to halacha it should not be allowed, Similarly, expensive clothes, where probably homo "persons" work at, design it or even own the company or are otherwise involved, clothes from milano (italy) or other western world companies / trademarks according to halacha not allowed...
Thank God, monotheism has won, and nobody really believes in those paganist gods anymore, including the Greeks, so they are halachically “annulled” by the idolaters themselves! Also, many don’t even know what these names are about, and they have taken on innocent and secular meaning. Accordingly, there’s no prohibition to refer to those names. Nevertheless, clearly one shouldn’t name his children or his own company after them, just as it’s obviously preferable to use the Jewish calendar rather than the Gregorian one (where many months are named after Greek gods), and to count the year from God’s creation (e.g. 5777) and not from some Christian false messiah (e.g. 2017), and count the days of the week from Shabbat (as we do in Hebrew, Yom rishon, Yom sheni…), rather than after the days of the sun god, moon god, etc. There no issue to boycott companies which may have homo workers or owners, unless it is something that they particularly flaunt.
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