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Word in Parshat Beha’alotcha


Various Rabbis

15 Iyyar 5767
By Pesach Sheini, it says V’yaasu bnei Yisrael es HAPUSACH even though the word does not fall on an etnachta or sof pasuk. It should read Hapesach. As a Baal Kriah, I am puzzled by this.
The explanation brought in the Da'at Mikra is as followes: Pasuk 2 starts off with Veya'asu ויעשו with a Shva. meaning it is connected with a previous disscusion. Previously the Torah commanded a series of commandments regarding the Miskan and the month of Nissan. This commandment continues them regarding Pesach. The word Bemoado במועדו is 'as if' not part of the Pasuk therefore the word HaPasach הפסח is with a Kamatz (like an end of a Pasuk) and not with a Segol.
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