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קטגוריה משנית
We have seen through history despite facing discrimination and anti semitism how Jews have been successful in almost every area of life includinding Arts, Science, Literature Cinema Finance, Sport etc including many Nobel laureates. Do the Jewish holy books instruct its followers to excel in whatever work or profession they pursue?
In addition to what we answered previously regarding the Godly aid and "nature and nurture" of the Jewish national success (see:, the Jewish books and commandments definitely help man by giving good and sound advice for success "to keep the commandments of the Lord and His statutes… for your good" (Devarim 10, 13). The Bible also refers to the words of God as beneficial advice (Isaiah 25, 1), and in fact the Zohar and kabbalistic sources term the commandments: advice. Our sages continue this direction throughout rabbinic literature, often suggesting beneficial advice on any and every topic under the sun, which all contribute to succeeding in one's work or profession. Hard work and effort, having a good family life, intellectual pursuits, not blindly following one's physical desires, etc. are also sound advice, often found in the classic Jewish literature. BTW, this doesn't mean that western man's definition of success will come to each and every Jew, for God gives to each person the situations and challenges which are personally best for him.
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