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Being a Pilot


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

29 Tevet 5763
I am just leaving high school and have become fond of flying. I am thinking of doing it as a career, but have found out about some extreme restrictions of the career environment: maybe having to fly on Shabbat, having no facial hair, etc. Do you know of any Jewish Pilots?
Living in Israel, all the pilots that I know are Jewish, some religious, serving in the Israeli Air Force. Afterwards thay can find pilot jobs in civilian life as well. They have no problems in the IAF with Shabbat or anything else halachic. Unquestionably - living in Israel is the best way for a young Jewish man your age to become a pilot. If for some reason, you cannot make Aliyah right now- I know of Torah-observant executives in New York who have become pilots, not as a career, but for the fun of it. But if you are planning ahead- long term- toward a career, why not speak to the Shaliach Aliyah in your region?
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