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Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

27 Iyyar 5765
Basically, I am a high school student in 11th grade. I want to make Aliya after high school, and serve in the army, then live in a settlement. My parents will allow me to go to Israel but do not want me in a "settlement" (does that not eliminte Tel Aviv?). Also, they want me to go to college. What are my options after high school in terms of Israel? What can I come and do? After the army, if I want an education how can I get a Jewish one without going to one of the radically anti semitic secular universities? What do I do?
It is difficult, though not impossible, to complete a high school education in Israel. I would suggest postponing Aliya until after graduation. On the other hand, there are many academic programs for orthodox students, including Bar Ilan University and several religious colleges. There are also army programs for volunteers who have not yet made aliya, or for new olim. Many of the participants in these programs are religious. Many young Olim find it worthwhile to spend time in an Ulpan program, either at a Kibbutz Dati, or in conjunction with one of the yeshivot. Feel free to write again for more information. I wish you much success.
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