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Lashon Hara in writing

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis12 Nisan 5765
What is the pemision to say and not say Lashon Hara when writing to a Chareidi newspaper to complain about the problems caused by materialisn, etc. Within the Kolel system? Letters written would include suggestions for facilitating finding Shiduchim in that community and other problem solving, but the problems existing in the community (negative facts about nameless people and situations in that community would have to be brought up to explain what might solve problems causing suffering to those looking for Shiduchim). I am involved in Shiduchim and have married off children and I am from within that community, so I feel I would be speaking from experience - "l'toeles" Please advise
Lashon Hara is only if you speak bad against a specific person or a group of specific people (all Charedim are; my kids in my class are all…), therefore I don't see a problem writing about how to improve the Shiduchim system in the community if you don't blemish an individual or the community in whole.
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