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20 Elul 5764
We have a Minhag to give out a small bag with salt as a Segula for Hashem to guard us, we put it in our pocket. or Tefillin bag. Is this Avoda Zara, or superstition? I’m asking since I was told the red ribbon some wear against Ain Hara comes from idoltary, does the Minhag mentiioned a problem as well?
True, one must be careful regarding all sorts of Segulot that may originate from Avoda Zara or other nations, but I don't see a problem in salt, since I do not know of any such use for Avoda Zara and it may be efficient against Mazikim or Ain Hara. I've seen another Segula for safety on the roads in "Menorat Hamaor" of Mahari Aboav - taking the Arava from Sukkot, some put it in their car. Of course, one should take care not to think these things can help him in any way, there is no power in the world besides His. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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