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Partnerships, Regarding Mezuzah & Chametz


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

13 Nisan 5764
Lkovod Rabbonon. 2 jewish doctors are in parnership with a 3rd non jewish doctor - complete 33.3% profit and liability/risk sharing. Premises are rented from a hospital group. What is Mitzvah of Mezuzah, if any, On all +/- 70 doors of the rooms? Chametz? Same case but approximately 80 non jewish employees. Hospital and practice open on Pesach. The jewish doctors do not work the entire Pesach nor do they go in to the practice. What do they do with Mechiras, Bedikas, Bitul Chametz etc.?
Generally in a case of partnership between Jews and Gentiles the R'ma writes that no Mezuzah is required while other opinions disagree. Chovat Hadar(2 2) suggests putting up Mezuzot without a Bracha. Because your question relates specifically to a hospital, where no one chooses to live out of their free will, there is another reason not to require a Mezuzah (Chovat Hadar 3 7). In short, no Mezuzah is required and if you choose to put one up- do so without a Bracha. If each doctor has his own office for consultations etc., or if there is a room where each doctor stays overnight, the Jewish doctors are required to have a Mezuzah. Regarding Chametz. Jewish doctors must do Bedikat Chametz and Biur Chametz regarding Chametz of theirs - check that no sandwiches or cookies are left around in their private rooms. If there is Chametz owned by the firm, the Jewish doctors should sell their share in the Chametz to the gentile partner or to another gentile.
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