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1 Kislev 5764
From what I understand, there are 7 places where the torah that Rashi had differs from our torah. We know this since Rashi gives a drash explaining why, for example, there are two vavs or an extra hay, etc. in a word, when, the spelling Rashi refers to does NOT appear in the torah we use today. Can you tell me exactly where these differences are? In a similar vein, I have been told that the Spharadi (or Yemenite?) torahs differ from the Askenazic torahs in a few letters. What and where are these differences? A bigger concern that I have is this : I was led to believe that there is ONE torah. It seems that I can accurately say that there are THREE torahs . Even though the differences are small and only are there (I think) for spelling, and DO NOT change the meaning, the fact remains that there is , depending on your tradition, two or three torahs extant. This bothers me. Can you please set me straight?
True, there are some differences, this is not the place to go into details. Likewise, the Yemenite torah differs from the others in missing or extra letters, big or small letters and open or closed Parshiyot. However, this doesn't mean that there are three torahs, only that we have different traditions in very small details of letters etc. But, of course, there are no differences in mitzvot or meanings. For example there is no difference in act if it says "Ptzua Daca" with an Alef (Ashkenazi) or a Heh (Spharadi). Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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