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Double oven meat milk parve


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar 5, 5773
Shalom Kvod Harav, I wanted to ask about double ovens. If I purchase fagor fbi981 can I use both oven simultaneously for meat and dairy, or for meat and parve? I was told by the company that the two compartments are separate. Is that enough? What do I need to know in order to choose an oven that I will be able to use both compartments simultaneously? Thank you.
Shalom, Mazal Tov on the new kitchen! There is some discussion of exactly how much insulation is needed between the two ovens in order to allow them to be used at the same time. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the different brands on the market. I know that in Israel there are ovens that are sold with a Rabbinic certification that states they may be used at the same time - and I saw that the Star-K in the USA also certifies ovens (also for Shabbat use). [And there may well be other Rabbinic groups that certify ovens]. The work Sefer HaKashrut writes "When using a Double Decker oven, it is best to dedicate the top oven for meat and the bottom one for dairy, as meat foods tends to release more steam (due the fats in meat) than dairy foods, and of course heat rises. (See Sefer HaKashrus page 42) Although when a Double Decker oven is used it is permissible for both of the ovens to be in use at one time with opposite food items, some people are scrupulous to not have them both cooking at the same time. (See Sefer Kashrus V'Shabbos B'Mitbach page 160 and Kovetz M'Beis Leivi Vol. 3 page 21 for more details about this)". If you cannot find out if there is a certification on the oven you want to buy, then if there is a double layer of separation - i.e. the roof of the bottom oven is not itself one piece of metal that is also the floor of the top oven, but there is a separate roof and floor of each oven - and no steam escapes from the bottom oven to the top oven, then it is permissible to use both ovens at the same time. You need to check that there are not ventilation holes that allow the steam to flow from the bottom oven to the top one. The fact that when using one oven the other gets hot is not a problem if they are separated and no stream enters from one to the other. Blessings.
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