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The Alteranative

The way led by the Oslo accords has proved costly to many lives. There is an Alternative: We must not allow the terrorists to delay the complete revival of our nation.


Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed

Kislev 5762
In my previous article ‘There is A Jewish Alternative’, I sighted the basic point of view of the left, and in contrast, presented our views concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict.
During the past year, the grave mistake made by the architects of the Oslo Accords has become eminently clear. The warning given by the opponents of Oslo, unfortunately, has proved only too true. Oslo has been responsible for a great toll in lives.
Mortar shells have fallen both in Jerusalem and in the settlements. The Arabs have used the weapons they received from our government - against us. The terrorist organizations are concealing the terrorists in the territory we gave them.
Many of the left have finally realized that it is impossible to make peace with the present Palestinian leadership.

Our goal is: no more withdrawals from our holy cities and land; settling the whole land of Israel; encourage the ingathering of the Diaspora and help Jews become aware of the Jewish belief.

Specifically, the following must be done: ‘Turn away from bad:’ Nullify the Oslo Agreements, take the weapons from our enemies, smash the terrorist leaders and those who dispatch the murderers, expel the terrorist leadership, and don’t sign any agreements with them.
Then, ‘Do good:’ Strive to strengthen our hold on the Old City of Jerusalem, act to reduce the Arab presence on the Temple Mount with the goal of closing off the Mount totally to everyone until the arrival of the True Redeemer.
We must strengthen the settlement enterprise in Yesha, with a willingness to pay a price for our progress, and not to be deterred from constantly advancing.
We must stand strong in the face of international pressure.
At this stage there is no diplomatic solution. We must increase our deterrence power until our enemies are defeated, until they understand that the price they will pay for each strike against us will be too high for them to pay.
When the Arabs conclude that they truly want peace with us, on the basis of ‘peace for peace,’ without any concessions on our part, we will make peace with them.
Arabs who wish to remain here under Jewish rule will be granted personal freedom to live as they wish, but those who wish to undermine the Jewish rule in the Land of Israel will not be able to remain. The land will be divided into municipally governed districts, and those with Arab concentrations, will be run by them. The central government will be Jewish, however, and the State will be a Jewish one. Whoever wants to live under Arab rule will have to leave for an Arab country, and will even receive initial financial aid to help him settle in the country of his choice.
In short, our alternative is to remove from our agenda the attempts to compromise and the efforts to reach agreements with the Arabs. We must place on the top of our agenda the striving for Redemption and full national revival. We must work to build up the entire Land, the entire nation, and the entire Torah. The problems of Arab terrorism and the dispute with the Arabs shall be dealt with by the relevant departments in the Foreign and Public Security Ministries, whose job it will be to prevent the Arabs from disrupting us on our path to Redemption. And we shall go in the Name of G-d and be successful.

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