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Ok – What Is the Real Deal About Hamantashen??!!


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Adar II 16 5782
Do they resemble a 3-cornered hat Haman wore? What? He looked like Washington crossing the Delaware?! You think we should name a pastry after a Jew-hating maniac? What’s next: Apples Amalek or Khomeini Cookies?! Or is it Mahn-Tashen, "pockets" of poppy-seeds? Well, I don’t like poppy-seeds (& I hate when I think they’re chocolate & I take a bite!) so that’s out. (I actually like them with filled with peanut butter – try it!). Archeologist friend Simcha J. says it looks like dice from Babylonia’s Game of Ur (UR you kidding?!) & connects to Haman casting dice, not lots, to pick a date for our demise (lots to wonder about there). And why is it called Oznei Haman in Ivrit? Did the schmendrick have big ears? Or is it because an ear has 10 parts, & Haman had 10 sons? Or were Haman’s ears cut off before he was hanged? (according to Sefer Ha-Moadim). Our family tradition is to eat kreplach (connects to "crepes?") on Purim, plus of course quiche - in honor of Mordechai’s great-grandfather, whose name was......oh, look it up. PURIM SAMEACH!!
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