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Don't Cause a Rift in the Nation

If one letter is removed from a Torah scroll, it is incomplete; similarly, if one portion of the land of Israel is removed, it is lacking. He who stabs a knife into the heart of the land, in effect stabs a knife into the heart of the nation.


Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed

10 Sivan, 5763
In light of recent talk about uprooting Jewish settlements and handing over vital portions of our Holy Land to non-Jewish authority, it is important that the following be made clear:
Just as the Torah is holy, the land of Israel is holy. In the same way that if one letter is removed from a Torah scroll it is incomplete, so, if one portion of the land of Israel is removed, it is lacking. He who stabs a knife into the heart of the land of Israel, in effect stabs a knife into the heart of the nation.

Relinquishing portions of the land of Israel to foreign rule constitutes a blow to the lifeline of the nation and an assault upon the deepest aspirations of the Jewish people. Only when settled comfortably upon the sacred soil of the entire land of Israel will the Jews be able to truly live as they please and fulfill their unique role among the nations. Such a situation would not only benefit the Jews, but would benefit human kind as a whole. The act of relinquishing portions of the land of Israel is a grave transgression, and it is comparable to the Sin of the Spies (Numbers 13-14) which resulted in the Israelites' entrance into the land of Israel being delayed for forty years. The present trial, if we mange to endure it, will serve to rectify the Sin of the Spies, which, besides delaying the entrance of the Children of Israel into the land, also caused our eventual exile from the land. In rectifying this sin, we will bring the redemption that much closer.

He who forcibly evacuates Jews from homes which they have built upon land inherited from their ancestors is the one responsible for causing a rift in the Nation of Israel.
The settlers of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are not just some dangling limb of the Jewish people. To the contrary, they are like a part of the body upon which the very soul of the nation is dependent. They are to be credited with maintaining the strength and ideals of the nation. One who causes a rift between the settlers and their supporters on the one hand, and other elements of the nation on the other, simply shreds the nation to pieces.
Therefore, we call upon all those faithful to the land of Israel and the Torah to staunchly resist those who are trying to uproot us from the soil of our homeland; we call upon them to stand firm against attempts to cause areas in the very heart of the land of Israel to be stripped of Israeli authority.

I call upon the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff, the Major General, and regiment commanders, to refrain from giving illegal orders which cause a rift in the nation.
We, for our part, will stand firm like a steel wall, in keeping with the words of our beloved mentor, Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah HaCohen Kook, zt"l: "The entire ludicrous and imaginary 'spider's web' (i.e. schemes to take away our land) of the these thieving nations will collide and disperse against the iron wall and mighty rock of all of us: our youngsters, elders, sons and daughters, our bodies and souls, and in the face of the counsel of the King of the Universe, He who determines the ultimate direction all of history and who has decided that Jerusalem will be resettled, and that the cities and towns of Judea, Samaria, Jericho, Sinai, and the Golan will be rebuilt."

We, the Jewish people, have managed to overcome numerous hardships in our long history. We will no doubt endure this trial as well and continue pushing forward on the path to redemption, until, with God's help, we succeed in reaching the complete and final redemption.
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