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Davening for Missing Soliders


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Elul 5, 5777
Every night I Daven for our missing soldiers (Ron Arad, Guy Chever, Zecharia Baumel, etc.) I wonder though if there is any point? Has there ever been an official decision taken by the Chief Rabbinate regarding these soldiers and if we should still Daven for them to come home?
Firstly, Kol HaKavod that you continue davening for them for so many years! A high ranking officer in the Chief Rabbinate of Tzahal answered me that the army doesn’t daven for them by name any more and based upon all of the intelligence amassed, relates to them as holy soldiers who were killed, and whose place of burial is unknown (and accordingly, those who were married, their wives were allowed to remarry). In general, we daven for all of our missing brothers in the yehi ratzon following Torah reading on Mon. and Thurs., even if we don’t mention their names.
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