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Board of directors in a synagouge


Rabbi Berel Wein

28 Kislev 5763
I have encountered with a situation , where some people do not want to donate to a shul or belong to it , merely because there is no board of directors , and these individuals believe that the rabbi is pocketing the money , since he is in charge of the funds. Can i get some insight on weather there is an halacha to have a board of if it is allowed for a rabbi alone to be in charge of the money .
There is certainly tradition that any Jewish institution that claims to be a public enetrprise should not have its finances handled by only one person. However, if one is aware that this is the case regarding a synagogue - meaning that it is a private synagogue, belonging to one person then one has the option of praying there or not, and of supporting it financially or not. Rabbi Berel Wein
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