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Ashkenazi OWNING / BENFITTING from kitniyot


Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 10, 5775
I am aware that as Ashenazi Jews we do not eat kitniyot on Pesach. I have not seen any information if we are also forbidden to own and to benefit from same. Please clarity. Thank you.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. You are correct that Ashkanazi Jew do not eat kitniyot on Passover. In regards to owning and benefiting from them, it is totally permissible (see Shulcan Aruch, Orech Haim, 453,1, and the Mishna Brurah ibid, 12). Based on this, you may keep kitniyot in your house, as well as feed them to your animals. On a practical level you may want to make sure that you put them in a separate place from your regular Passover food, so as not to eat them by mistake. Blessings.
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