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Kitniyot Oils


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

27 Nisan 5764
Hi We are planning on going to the seder by someone who uses Kitniyot Oils, I know In America many kashrut organazations are machmir on even the Oils from Kitniyot , but I have heard that there is is a difference of opinion especially here in Israel. Someone said it is something people are starting to be machmir on. Now that I’m in Israel b’h I would like to know what the general minhag is here. can we eat there? (yes we are all Ashkenaz) Toda Rabba
Unless you have a clear family Minhag, rapeseed oil (Canola or liftit in Hebrew) is definitely permissible; I permit the use of soy oil since it is produced in a process in which it is not allowed to come into contact with water until after it is cooked in petroleum by-products. Corn oil is kitniyot.
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