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Tradition in Immersion of Utensils.

Me and my wife did not go to immerse our glass cups and glass food containers. I am an Ashkenaz Jew with no ancestral Minhag (because of assimilation and the holocaust). My wife is Ashkenaz but was brought up to believe that glass does not need to be koshered. Since we have no prior tradition to fall back on and we consider ourselves orthodox (I am a Ba’al T’shuva) must we kosher the glass according to Ashkanez Minhag? Is it alright to pass the Spharadi Minhag to our children if we do not have to Mikvah our glass?
One must immerse glass vessels purchased fron a non-Jew in the Mikve whether one is Ashkenazi or Spharadi (Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 120 1). Regarding other minhagim, since both you and your wife are Ashkenazim, you should observe Ashkenazi customs.
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