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Tzitzit and Chanukah


Rabbi David Sperling

Tevet 10, 5775
Shalom, A common custom that many have is to use the lulavs saved from Sukkot as kindling for burning chametz before Pesach. This is an excellent way to get rid the lulavs. Would it be permissible to use old, frayed tzitzit as wicks to light the Chanukah candles? It also seems like a nice way to dispose of old tzitzit rather than throwing them out (in a permissible manner) or using them for bookmarks. Are there opinions to support this? Thank you!
Shalom, Thank you for your interesting question. Even though I was unable to find a source that directly mentions using old tzitzit for Chanukah candle wicks, it would seem that this is totally permitted. In fact in the Talmud we find that old garments of the cohanim, which are forbidden to be used outside of the Temple service, were made into wicks for the fires lit during the Succot festivities (Simchat Bet HaShovah). Also, the case you mentioned of using the luluv as fuel to burn the hametz, supports idea of using the old tzitzit as wicks for Chanukah candles. The main thing is that one cannot use the old tzitzit in a degrading fashion – which does not appear to be a problem in this case. Blessings.
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