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Meat Spill in Dairy Oven

Various RabbisElul 17, 5772
Hi, I had a spill in my oven and I’m not sure what the halacha with it is. It is a dairy oven that wasn’t used for around a week beforehand and I had meat in it that was covered in one layer of foil. Some liquid from the foil dripped out to the oven below it and burned there. The oven is aino ben yoma, so it seemed that the food was okay. Is it best now to rekasher the oven, or is wipping up the spill enough (Would it be milchig or fleishig then?)? Thanks, kol tuv, Michael
Shalom Michael, You are correct in saying that the food was ok. However as to the oven - it best be re-kashered. Keep in mind that if a meat dish is placed in a dairy oven, it should be covered well enough that there are definately no openings. Alternatively it is possible to kasher your oven between milk use and meat use. Btei'avon, Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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