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Morning Netilat Yadayim


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Sivan 30, 5782
When performing netilat yadayim, we are to be careful not to allow water to flow above the wrist and return back down below the wrist. Are hands rendered tumah if water flowed down after second or third pour during morning netilat yadayim?
Thank you for your question, There is a machloket amongst the poskim if there is still tumah after the third pour. Some say that there still is tumah. Therefore the best and most simple solution is to wash the first time with a 'reviit' which is 86 milliliters (about half a plastic cup). According to the chazon ish it's 150 milliliters. After even one pour of this amount there is no more tumah on the hands. (Mishna brura 162;16) All the best!
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