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Meat spoon in hot chocolate


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Kislev 17, 5783
Hi, I mistakenly used a meat spoon to mix hot chocolate in a ceramic mug. what is the halacah with 1. the coffee 2. the spoon 3. the mug. The spoon was not used in 24 hours for meat and was clean. The water was heated outside of the cup and poured into it. Assuming these factors that the cup and spoon are fine and dont even need to be kashered? The hot chocolate is it ok to drink? and if its ok to drink is it baal taschis if someone wants to be stringent and throw it out? thanks
thank you for your question, 1. If the hot chocolate was without milk (meaning everything was pareve), then everything is fine and there is no need to do any kashering. 2. If there was anything dairy in the hot chocolate then the drink is o.k but the meat spoon needs to be kashered. The kashering needed is just to clean the spoon and then spill boiling water on the spoon. 3. Since the drink is kosher it is bal tashchit to spill it. All the best!
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