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Rabbi Ari ShvatIyyar 10, 5780
Hello, my name is Ryan. I do not know if I am Jewish or not. I was in prison for 5 years. I believe in the G-d of Israel. I know this is a strange topic but I have been having dreams for the past 8 years. They have been filled with asteroids and solar flares. Strangely enough I keep a journal and not long after I had these dreams they started coming true. I feel like I am going crazy and its very difficult to talk about this cause most people call me crazy by I feel there is more too it. I also had 7 dreams of a man with a white beard and bluish eyes. I dont know who he is. But in each dream he showed me strange things. Please I understand this time is very difficult for every one but I wont turn to anyone else. I met a Jewish person inside prison who told me to contact a Rabbi. I am so greatful for any help. Thanks and blessings
Shalom Ryan, Judaism don't deal today with dreams, for there is no prophecy any more. In fact, it doesn't really sound like a religious issue, but rather a psychological one. All the best!
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