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Pants during Davening


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 27, 5780
I was recently asked as to why you are supposed to wear pants and not shorts during Davening. I gave an answer but wasn’t fully satisfied with it and wanted more sources. what is the reason to wear pants over shorts?
ב"ה Shalom The sources are the Shulchan Aruch (אורח חיים צא:ה), where it is written that a person should not Daven without his legs uncovered= in shorts unless that is the way people stand before respectable people. Meaning, that if a person wouldn't go, for example, to a job interview or any other important person dressed the way he is, he shouldn't Daven like that., since we are standing before Hashem in Tefilla. In the book "Tefilla Kehilchata " Chapter 7: 38 footnote 90, it is written , that therefore in Kibbutzim where shorts are acceptable even before important people, they may Daven with shorts, but the Chazan should not be with shorts., but in long pants. There is also applies especially these days when we are confined to our homes and not in Shul, people should NOT Daven in pajamas, but get dressed to Daven. Only people who are ill or week who would most likely accept important people to visit them in their pajamas or robe, may Daven in their pajama.(See Piskeui Teshuvot 91) All the best and stay well
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