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mezuza in the elevator


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 1, 5772
if the elevator goes in to a hall (1per floor) where there is a house door that already have a mezuza , is necessary to put anothher mezuza inthe door of the elevator?
The issue of placing a Mezuza for an elevator has been discussed by many poskim. Those who require a mezuza ; מנחת יצחק (חלק ד' ס' ע"ג, ע"ד), תשובות והנהגות (חלק ב' ס' תקמ"ז), מנחת יצחק (חלק ד' ס' ע"ג, ע"ד) And those who exempt an elevator from Mezuza: (בצל החכמה (חלק ג' ס' פ'), באר משה (חלק ב' ס' ילקוט יוסף (שובע שמחות חלק א' עמ' של"ז) Many rely on the poskim who say that no Mezuza is required for an elevator.
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