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Various RabbisTammuz 5, 5771
how is it that a Rabbi can support homosexuality? Rabbi SHaron Klienbaum of the Beit Simcha Congregation did.
Thankyou for your interesting question. Though a sensitive topic, the Torah is not ambiguous when it comes to homosexuality. Homosexuality is not permitted by the Torah. Though, this does not mean we need to be insensitive to the extrmemely difficult position people with homosexual tendancies are in. It seems that they are being dealt a life purpose by Hashem in the area of restraint. This indeed may be one of lifes most difficult challenges and those who succeed ought to be looked up to and appreciated. Regarding Rabbis who support homosexual relationships and marraiges, I am certain that there is no orthodox Rabbi who would support such relationships or marraiges. The "Rabbi" you refer to, after a quick google search, is not only a female Rabbi, but is lesbian, and a staunch Ant-Israel J-street supporter. Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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