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Question on plural Hebrew


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Nisan 11, 5769
Dear Sir In Ex. 32:15 the word "hand" (singular) from Strong’s # 3027, but in Ex. 32:19 is the word "hands" (plural) also Strong’s # 3027. So, how do they know if it is plural or singular is there a difference in the Hebrew or in the vowel pointing? My question is, do they really know or are they just giving it as they think it is? Respectfully Garry
One word – Tradition. The written Torah was given over 3330 years ago and since been studied by the Jewish people many millions of times over. The way the first word was read by all Jews since, is Yado in single, and the second time Yadav in plural, the fact all Jews throughout the history always read it the same proves us that the tradition we have is the correct one.
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