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whats the correct method of learning in judaism


Rabbi David Sperling

Av 23, 5781
thank you , i mean there are many ways of methods of learning. my question what is considered correct learning and what is not correct in judaism? because u can think you learn but its may be not correct so question is whats correct method of learning or system of learning in judaism to avoid mistakes in learning ? what are common mistakes in learning ?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The act of learning in Judaism is one of our greatest commands, and a huge part of Jewish religious life. Learning has been part of our religious culture from it’s earliest days. We have very deep and strong traditions as to how to learn, what to learn, when to learn and with whom to learn. However, at the very same time we appreciate what is called “the 70 faces of Torah”. That is, the great width and variety of styles in learning. No two students will learn in exactly the same way, and no two teaches express the exact same idea. So, I assume what you want to know is how to find one of these paths to Torah learning that is included in the “70 faces” of true Torah. The main way is to fulfill the words of our sage (in Pirkay Avot) “Get yourself a Rabbi”. The essence of Torah learning is to connect to the chain of tradition that stretches back to Mount Sinai. If there is an Orthodox Rabbi, or Yeshiva in your location, then you could start by turning to them. If not, or additionally, you could turn to the Torah classes found on reliable websites – such as our Also Machon Meir (Learn Torah Online - Machon Meir ( ) is a good site, amongst many. May you be blessed with every success in your learning.
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