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Touching unexposed body parts

Rabbi Elchanan LewisCheshvan 5, 5769
If understand the halacha correctly, one must do netillat yadayim after touching parts of one’s body that are normally covered (by clothing). I work as a doctor and almost every patient I see, I examine. This invariably involves touching the other person’s skin that is normally under clothing - and even sometimes, body parts considered unclean by the wider society. My normal practice is to wash my hands with water from the tap plus soap and/or alcohol gel. Is this sufficient or should I wash with a kli? If so, should I do so after each patient or just before engaging in non-medical activity (e.g. lunch, mincha, etc.)?
Washing your hand with water covers the obligation of Netilah for these issues. [Sheilat Shlomo 7: 9]
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