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Rosh Hashana 5766 (2005)


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

30 Nisan 5765
There will be an solar eclipse on Rosh Hashana eve, Oct 3, 2005. My understanding is that if the new moon is not witnessed to the Sanhedrin on that day, then the next evening becomes Rosh Hashana, if this case, then would the shofar be blown on Oct 4th, 5th, or both days? Also, from June 7, 1967 (Temple Mount recovered) to Oct 5, 2005 (Rosh Hashana 2005) is exactly 14,000 days. The exact number of days seem to have elapsed from the departure from Sinai (Numbers 10:11-12 [20d/02m/02y]) to the entering into the Land (Joshua 4:19 [10d/1m/41y]) [using 360 day year]. Any significance between the 38 years of wandering in Moses’ day (Deuteronomy 2:14) and the 38 years since Dayan and the Chief Rabbi’s refused to possess their possessions in 1967? One other thing - is the plan to begin daily sacrifices on or near the Temple Mount during construction, or will sacrifices only be allowed after the Temple is complete and dedicated?
1. Hopefully the temple will be rebuilt before Rosh HaShana, and/or the Sanhedrin will declare the new month. Even during a full eclipse I pesume there will be some time during the night when the moon will be seen. OTOH, if we are still in Galut, the calandar will see us through. 2. Fascinating! It is food for thought and surely fills many people with hope. 3. According to many opinions, sacrificail worship can begin before the Temple is completed.
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