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Parents of a Ger at the Chuppa


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

24 Tammuz 5765
I have completed my orthodox conversion. Be"H I will get married soon. My divorced parents and my sister will come to our wedding. Who should lead me to the Chuppa? I heard, that even Jewish religious parents should not do this because of their divorce putting the new marriage under a bad sign. If that is so, is it an Issur, tradition or mere superstition? Where could my not jewish father stand during the Chuppa ceromony? Next to the Chuppa, a few steps away or with me under the Chuppa? Do you see any way that would make it possible him leading me to the Chuppa and standing close by the Chuppa during the ceremony without violating Halacha? If not him, who should lead me and stand with me otherwise?
It is customary for another couple, preferably one that has helped you on your spiritual journey, to walk you to the Chuppah. Your father may stand near you during the ceremony. Consult with the Rabbi officiating if he has any preferences as to where exactly.
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