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Bugs in Raspberries


Various Rabbis

Cheshvan 10, 5769
Inside raspberries there are very frequently black specks. If you look closely, they actually have a brown line in the middle, and black on both sides of the center. They are very small. I don’t think that these are bugs, or bug eggs, but I wanted to double check to find out if in fact they are. It is possible to remove them with a toothpick. Are they bugs, or something else?
According to our resident expert on insect infestation, what you are describing is most likely dirt. Using the method described in the OU Guide to Checking Fruits, Vegetables and Berries (Second Edition) you can check the raspberries and then, if you do not find any insects, eat them. Enjoy! Raspberries: Insects found: On surface of berry and in open cavity. Cleaning method: Gently drop raspberries onto a white cloth or light box to dislodge the insects; if insects are found, do not use pint of berries. OU Rabbis
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