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Feeding animals on passover --Part 2 more complicated


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

1 Nisan 5765
Thank you for the answer simple part 1, but I have further questions. Perhaps this is not so good to publish as it might be debatable and might confuse another Jew. I understand I am splitting hairs about this but I work with working K-9s (they don’t do well when diet is changed). Does this also mean that say your job is caring for animals for someone else (a gentile). Are you allowed to continue to do your job of feeding animals with Chametz? Neither Animals nor their feed belongs to you? Also, didn’t G-d himself tell mankind or Adam that he had to take care of the plants/animals on earth? Also isn’t it in the Torah, Navi or Ketuvim something saying that we have to feed our animals before we eat ourselves? Weren’t these laws given before Passover happened-- so which would take presedence? Feeding the animal food that is best for the animal or doing a Mitzvah (avoiding Chametz) which could harm the animal?
You may feed the canines under the following conditions: the dogs belong to non Jews and the chametz belongs to a non Jew. You have no responsibility for buying or watching over the chametz (other than putting it in place). You are not paid separately for feeding the dogs but it is part of a general salary for all responsibilities. It would be a stringency to not be paid a small portion of your salary, or to give extra charity, so that it would seem as if no payment is received for the feedings, but this is not strictly required. If it is possible for others to do the feedings during Pesach that is preferable.
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