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selling chametz - uncooked oats?

Are the following considered real Chametz and therefore should actually be gotten rid of befor pesach or not considered chometz, but because they do not have pesach supervision one could sell them and store them for use after pesach? 1) can of uncooked ("Irish" or "steel cut") oats 2) Quaker ( "rolled") oats ("old fashioned" or "quick cooking" varieties).
I do not have information about the process of the preparation of the oats. If you were to find out that the oats in no stage came in contact with water then they would not be chametz and you would be able to keep it in your possession during Pessach. However, it is possible that during the preparation of the oats they came in contact with water and they are chametz. In that case you will have to consume it before pessach. My suggestion would be to be in contact with the Kashrut organization which authorizes it during the year for they will have the most accurate information.
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