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Parashat Miketz

The Dream and The Goal


Rabbi Dr. Aharon Adler

Kislev, 5763
Much of the book of Bereishit, as understood by Ramban, anticipates the relationship between the People of Israel and the Land. Specifically, in Parshat Miketz, we are taught that leaving Eretz Yisrael is considered a descent, yerida (Bereishit 42:2-3); while returning home to Eretz Yisrael is defined as an ascent, aliya (ibid. 44:17). Furthermore, we ultimately come to realize that the sale of Joseph, which eventually took Jacob and family down to Egypt in fulfillment of the Divine decree (ibid. 15:13-14), was a necessary preparatory stage for full redemption.

Joseph the vice-king plays out two critically important roles of leadership. He actively deals with matters of state along with matters of economics (ibid. 42:6). On the one hand, Joseph is personally living out his own dreams of Parshat Vayeshev (ibid. 37:7-9) – that of provider linked with that of ruler. However, in the spirit of "our forefathers actions are preludes to Jewish destiny", Joseph inculcates his personal dreams with future national aspirations. Agricultural resuscitation in Eretz Yisrael, along with independent political revival have been singled out by our sages as clear indications of the impending approach of redemption (Sanhedrin 98a-99a). Joseph remembers the dreams and recognizes their long-range significance; tragically, the other brothers do not.

On the last day of Chanuka, having progressed to the lighting of the eighth candle, it is time to rediscover the dreams of old dedicated to the attainment of tomorrow’s goals at the final chanukat bet hamikdash.

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