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Messiah Ben Joseph and the difference with Messiah Ben Dovid


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Elul 10, 5777
Hi, Can you please tell more about Messiah Ben Joseph and the difference with Messiah Ben Dovid? Where can I read more on it? Any mentioning in Humash or Talmud or Midrash? Best regards, Beniomin
Efraim (son of Joseph) is the tribe of Israel which did not excel religiously but was very strong and nationalistic. Similar to the modern-day secular Zionists, the famed rabbi, Rav Sa'daya Gaon, the Vilna Gaon and others, explained that even if many Jews may not be so religious, God will redeem us and return us to the Land of Israel anyway, out of love for His children. This period of Zionist awakening represents what is termed “messiah of the son of Joseph” or Efraim, having the traits of that tribe. Out of secular Zionism, will eventually grow a spiritual awakening as well, to return to the Torah and religion of Israel, which is associated as the stage of Mashiach Ben David. We already witness today in Israel, this spiritual reawakening. With this introduction, I hope you can now understand the article I published on the topic in English, citing many sources, which you can find at: .All the Best, With Love of Israel, Rabbi Ari Shvat
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